Origins of The Tattoo Shop

The Tattoo Shop, Grantham opened in March 2011. Originally in a small back room known as Area 51, it relocated to a spacious building, where we invited the best artists to come and join our ever growing family.

Tattoo Curious?

The open plan, ‘homely’ interiors allows curious or nervous people considering a tattoo to pay us a visit and have a chat, discuss designs or simply see what is involved in having a tattoo over a freshly brewed cup of tea. Even join in on an acoustic music session in the lounge area. Anyone who is unsure on how they would cope with having a tattoo can book an ‘invisible’ tattoo. This is where the whole experience of having a tattoo can be tried, but the artist does not use any ink, so there is no permanent mark afterwards *

* There is a small charge for this service, which is fully refunded on the completion of a tattoo.

More than just a tattoo!

Customer care at The Tattoo Shop is as equally important as the quality of the tattoos themselves. The artists do not have more than 2 (large designs) or 3 (small designs) a day, ensuring they are fresh and focused. Any consultations, design work or drawings and after care are all free, with the only charge being for the actual tattoo. The artists understand the construction of the skin, how it works  and varies at different points of the body. This is essential knowledge to have, ensuring excellent results on even the most obscure locations. The studio assistants not only help the artists so all they have to concentrate on is tattooing, they will also look after you throughout your stay, helping with design choices, refreshments, and ensuring all your requirements are met.

 Why choose The Tattoo Shop?

All of the artists at The Tattoo Shop have studied various art movements and styles, from the Italian Renaissance to Surrealism and Abstract art, up to the level of Higher Education tutor and Masters Degree. Every tattoo is unique to the individual, whether it is drawn on freehand, or a ‘flash’ design is taken from a magazine. (‘Flash’ is the term given to standard designs that can be repeatedly used, found in ‘flash’ books, where the design is copied from.) The Tattoo Shop avoids the use of flash, to ensure each tattoo is original, and not likely to be seen in duplicate. This also prevents creative burnout, with new ideas constantly developing with the artists not becoming creatively stale. Everyone working at The Tattoo Shop is registered with South Kesteven District Council.

All of the equipment used at The Tattoo Shop is of the highest quality. Sterile pre-packed disposable needles and nozzles are used ensuring 100% hygiene standards. Sharp new needles are not only safer, but more comfortable to be tattooed with. There is a strict after care advice sheet to follow, covering all aspects of caring for a new tattoo. The Tattoo Shop will always assist with any queries over after care, as the after care is as important as picking the right design and artist.