Paddy's Profile & Gallery


Paddy’s Tattoos @ The Tattoo Shop opened in March 2011, when it quickly became apparent there was a high demand for Artooism (real art on people).  Over the last 2 years, I first opened The House of Colour, followed by starting Mad Tattoos with friends concentrating on the mobile tattoo studio. Area 51 came next, all located in Grantham town centre.  After a frustrating period where I tried to demonstrate the need for real art tattooists, I decided to open Paddy’s Tattoos to accommodate the changing demands and high levels of skill required by the contemporary tattoo client.


Once I completed my HND in ceramics as a mature student I taught at Boston College for 2 years. I returned to tattooing as a means of bringing my art to the masses, without them even really knowing it was happening. As my skills developed, I was aware that I could create tattoos using many different  techniques, which meant I would not be ‘type-cast’ into just one genre. Whilst my preferred designs concentrate on portraits, I have also developed ‘Champagne Tribal’, a style based on Art Nouveau specifically for women.

The new studio has sporned what can only be described as a new art movement. ‘Artooism’ is a dedication to getting real art to a predominately ‘traditional’ tattoo world and for the loves of fine art to recognise the skills modern tattooist are now required to have. These skills are not that dissimilar to the ones invariably found in the traditional painter or sculptor. Artooism allows expression in whatever form an idea might take, whether it is through visual art, music or any aspect of creativity. There are now  a further 3 tattoo artists and 2 resident artists sharing Paddy’s Tattoos, which means the studio is open 7 days a week, from 10 am till late. I have collated art work which is for sale and hung on the walls and there is a designating ‘guest’ wall for short term exhibits.  

Art is the wine of life...Life is nothing without wine!

Paddy 2011