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 I first became interested in tattooing whilst I was painting murals in Belfast N.Ireland. I liked the idea that my murals were pieces of art work that anybody could enjoy, and not just be those who are visiting a gallery. I wanted to progress to artwork that was more personal and individual, and yet still viewed by as many people as possible. Although I have had huge success with my murals, tattooing seemed a natural progression to express myself, though the size difference did not fazing me in the slightest. I first came in contact with Paddy whilst I was working on my murals, and in 2005  took up the art of tattooing.

It was like stepping back in time, when Paddy approached me to join  The Tattoo Shop in 2011. The atmosphere at Paddy’s Tattoos was the right sort of environment for me to work in, and so I became a full time tattooist. I continue to work on my art, where I specialize in Fantasy pencil drawings. My understanding of using just a drawing pencil in various degrees of shade is not dissimilar to black and grey shade tattoos, and so I now combine my two passions concentrating on black and grey shade tattoos. ,  I  believe my artist background has enabled my tattoo work to be creative and expressive.

Guns kill, machines create......!!!

Lyndon Manson 2011