Louis's  Profile and Gallery


I have always had a fascination for colour, and have studied it since my A Level at college. I continued to work on my own abstract art, experimenting with colour, their relationships with each other. I was especially interested in how they can vary so much depending on whether they are in contrast or complimenting one another.  I first showed an interest in tattooing whilst I was being tattooed by Paddy. The more work I had done, the more of an interest I developed, especially with the coloured work. I continued to assist Paddy, learning as I went. In 2006 I had enough knowledge in the industry, and so started to tattoo. However, due to having a young family, it was not the right time to start a new career as a tattooist

Paddy approached my earlier this year offering me a full time position as a tattoo artist. I consider myself most fortunate to be working at such a creative and unique studio, where my own abstract art can still be explored. Tattooing allows me to express myself using colour, and I continue to study the different ways the coloured inks can create different affects.

There is no regrets in life, just lessons learnt. Always do your best

Louis Maier 2011